Fackebook is one of popular social website for keeping friends list maintained. To make a friend on facebook one need to make a friend they need to accept friend request. That is how one makes online face book friend. This will even permit one for seeing each other’s post and even leave their comment over there. But here is one more thing you can follow the person and this is not necessary that the person also follows you back.  Let’s have a look and discuss about what happens when you unfollow someone on facebook.

Facebook has become one of wonderful way of getting connected with each other. It usually happens that after School people loses their contact with each other but this facebook gives them chance to be connected with each other.  Here on this website people update photos and status, videos.  As you friend list can see all your updates and you can also see their as well as.

what happens when you unfollow someone on facebook platform

How to unfollow someone from friend list (facebook)

  • Visit the friend’s profile and unfollow them from there – one may click on the profile pick, and visit to their profile page and there will be some option. You can just unfollow them your friend list.
  • Unfollow a friend directly from the news feed – if you do not want to visit at anyone’s profile you can still unfriend them directly from the news feed.

Those were the ways by which one unfollows friends. But when someone unfollows you, you will not be able see their post and anything which they will update. Actually facebook has become one of platform by which one may keep the connection. It let people get connected with one another. So if you want to see their post you need to be on their list or of you want to see what they are posting. But people get confused that if they unfriend they will not be able to see their post or make them friend again. But this is only myth and people can even see their post but not all the post.  If someone unfriend you, you do not get notification about that but they may know if someday they check.

But you will not even get notification about their post and birthdays. Instead you do not get to know anything. But if you share some mutual friend then also you may know. This will be possible when you check their profile. Also, you will get to know what happens when you unfollow someone on facebook.

Winding up

You might be thinking why would people unfriend or unfollow if they accept theiri friend request or send them friend request.  The reason may be different eveytime sometimes person might be annoying you or sometimes fights happened between people. They unfriend or unfollow each other. Whatever reason may be that is not the issue, facebook has given option to do that, but keep control over it because doing it eveytime is not good option.  But decide once whether you want to unfriend someone or not or if you do it once then do not check their profile again. That will be a good choice. Hopefully, you will get a solution for what happens when you unfollow someone on facebook.

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