Shareit You can download and use excellent software on your personal computer. This framework allows you to add different data files into the database that is accessible and then to move these files to another computer of your choosing using the secure Wi-Fi link. This can be from a laptop, a cell telephone, or even a smartphone and can be achieved with ease. Shareit usually saves you a great deal of time and money just because it’s free, and also because you don’t have to think about selling CDs or maybe create a difficult USB system to use to get the same detail normally. There are some of the shareit alternative indian apps and Why Shareit Banned in India.

Why Shareit App is Needed

The best reason is a fantastic way to think about using Share. It’s because this will help you retain a lot of time and hassle and a lot of cash in case you use USB drives and CDs once to move your information from only one device to another. The program plan is a free download that can be run and controlled in just a few minutes. Also, your laptop or computer doesn’t need a lot of space, so it is particularly important for older techniques which you like to have, but which require the information they contain.

Why Shareit App has Banned

The Indian government’s long list of 59 Chinese applications contains not only video sharing sites but also a few utility apps. Two of these applications are SHAREIt and Xender which have been used by android users to share offline files. Though these apps have not been removed from the Play Store App and Apple App Store like TikTok, here are some other shareit alternative indian apps.

Shareit Alternative Indian Apps

The Indian government has prohibited sharing one of the Chinese apps used mainly to transfer files to Android computers. More users have found Shareit Alternative Indian App, the Indian file transfer application for Android, and the Indian Alternate App for Shareit. We have listed some of the best Indian App Shareit. Check and begin using the shareit alternative indian apps.


If you are looking for a shareit alternative indian apps, the Alternative Shareit App is listed. See the following Shareit info for the Alternative app.


Superbeam is another software that works as well as SHAREit for file-sharing. It also uses Wi-Fi direct technology for improved speed during file sharing, close to Submit Anywhere. Users may either use a QR-code to share files using a QR scanner or type them into manual keys to share files via Superbeam.

Send Anywhere

The Send Anywhere app can also be used to directly move files via WiFi. The Send Anywhere App also has another aspect as it enhances protection when exchanging files with others by using enhanced 256-bit file encryption. You can also create links to copy the connection to social media and messaging sites, making it easy for users to receive files. Both iOS and Android are available for the app.


Indian sharing App, as the name suggests, Swift File Transfer is a program for transmitting the high-speed file. The request is sent in India. In just 90 seconds, it can transmit HD movies, files, and pictures.

Share All

You can share files via WIFI File Transfer instead of using Bluetooth. You can also password lock your files, whether it is music, images, documents, videos, etc. Android users only have this access.


You can also share files offline with other devices with JioSwitch. Also, cross-platform files can be moved. Google Play Store offers outstanding reviews. One theory is that advertisements are not viewable and high-speed files can be transferred.

Files by Google

Data were released as Google Files in 2017. The app will help you track and search your data along with the sharing of offline files and clean cache to simplify the features of your smartphone. The app is available only on android rather than iOS.


The Zapya which is used to transfer files from one computer to another is one of the rivals of SHAREit. However, like SHAREit, this one also comes with a few advertisements and additional features that could trouble user experience, although it is still much better than SHAREit as regards the transfer of a file.

Easy Join

Another platform-based file transfer tool for Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and all popular web browsers is Simple Join (via plugins). Using Easy Join and can share files with you, you can list all apps in the same network. Transfers of files are encrypted end-to-end.

MX Player

The Indian media playback application MX Player can also share videos with an integrated MX share feature. You can share your videos and movies wirelessly with friends using this MX share feature on the MX Player. The app uses a file-sharing feature for peer-to-peer by building a virtual ad-hoc network. When you set it up, you will need Bluetooth and a hotspot. Mx player sharing features to reach your location and do not need the Internet to share files from one smartphone to another smartphone.

Z share

Shravan Hegde, a student of 21 years of BCA, supports #Boycott China in India, is the Z Share Tool. The alternative program Desi SHAREit and Xender both help users to share files without any hiccups. By connecting to peer-to-peer users via the WLAN network you can share audio, video, and application files as well as documents. This sharing app can be found free of charge in Playstore. It is in attractive Dark Mode and users claim that the transmission speeds are higher than with SHAREit and Xender.

Final Words

Hence the article describes the shareit alternative indian apps. These are some of the best SHAREit options that can be used to share Android files. Naturally, SHAREit remains one of the rare few options used to transfer whole directories for phone-to-phone transfers. It is also the software that is available on most other phones by default, but it is useful to keep one or two other choices on your phone when you regularly share files with friends.

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