Tumblr Spy App will secretly monitor our videos and text messages on the Tumblr social media app. This is powerful software and moreover an efficient tool that allows the users to get proper access to the device on which the Tumblr app was installed. The users are allowed to view the entire Tumblr logs like Multimedia shared files like videos, photos, images, Gifs, direct text messages, shares, URLs, and also shared links.

Tumblr App lets you post any of your preferred information and also join the social communities as you like. The spy Tumblr app can take full control of the media files like text messages, songs, videos, photos, etc that you post on your Tumblr social media account.

Tumblr spy app 2019

Features of Tumblr Spy App (TOS – TheOneSpy)

The TOS (TheOneSpy) Tumblr Spy 2020 App is referred to as a phone monitoring app that allows to monitoring chat features, remote control, remote monitoring, host of tracking, and watch your employees or children PC and mobile phones. You can use the TOS full-featured Android app to monitor plenty of things across the world like real monitoring the phone calls, phone number tracking along with its appropriate location, and many more.

They are as follows:

Screen Sharing, Camera Streaming & Real Live Listening

Now, you can perform surveillance on your Kid’s or company’s mobile phone at 360 degrees. You can listen to their cell phones online conversation, remotely activate the microphone on their mobile phones, and also listen to their live surroundings. With the help of this feature, you can easily view or track the real-time environment of your employees or children.

  • 360-inner banner of TOS Spy App.
  • Live Camera Streaming and Surrounds Listening.

Social Media – Monitoring the Instant Messenger App

Most of the messenger tracking app will automatically read the chats message with emotions & stickers, trace the entire call logs along with date & time stamp on Instant messengers each activity. TOS Monitoring Chat will be much easier to listen to messages, messenger video calls, spy messenger, and many more.

  • Skype
  • Viber
  • Line
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • SnapChat Activity

Mobile Phone Bug – Bugging

The most important salient feature of TOS (TheOneSpy) Phone bugging software introduced within its Xtreme package. This advance model helps in phone bugging such as capturing the front & back cam photos remotely, voice recording with spy mic & secret microphone, and bug the children’s mobile phone.

  • Mic Bug
  • Photo Bug
  • SpyVidCam Bug

Camera Pics – Monitoring Photo Gallery

It is possible to monitor the pictures of the mobile phones and display whether those images were received through the email or MMS & stored within the photo gallery, downloaded directly from the online website, or taken from your children’s mobile phone.

  • Picture was taken from the device’s camera.

Recorder – Listen to your Children’s Surrounding Record & Voice Phone Calls

TOS (TheOneSpy) Recorder – The android superior app will assist the users only to listen to their children’s surrounding voices and sounds on their mobile phone, but also listen to other recording and automatically save them to your online parental control tab. TOS Call recorder allows their parents to directly record their children voice calls and also listen to those recorded files with the help of TOS Dashboard.

  • Save the recording through the online platform.
  • Listen to the children’s surroundings.
  • Recording all the surrounding voices and sounds.

Multiple Devices Monitoring Simultaneously

You can utilize the TOS multiple-device switch option to easily switch your device monitoring from one particular device to another device simultaneously.

  • Switch to another device (using Multiple platforms) with the help of your License.
  • Single License can be used or unlimited devices.

Text Messages Tracking

TOS Spy App 2020 allows the users to inspect their pin messages, iMessages, and text messages that are sent messages & read received messages through the SMS Android app.

  • Pin Messages.
  • Text Messages.

Check out their Reminders and Appointments

You can easily break their reminders section, appointments, and mobile phone’s calendar to track their plan or schedule.

  • View Appointments or Schedules.

Call Recorder App – Scan their entire Call Logs

Make use of the Call Recorder App to scan your entire call logs. Even if a live call was missed, you can find them under the call log app. By installing the TOS app, you can track the incoming and outgoing call and also record their phone calls for later use. It is much easier to get the call details and call history under the Call log app.

  • Caller Location.
  • Call Logs.

Contacts – Examine the Contact Lists

The TOS powerful contact app will allow you to search through the contacts list and even customize the recipient phone contact list.

GPS tracker – Track their Current Location

Make use of GPS, the TOS app will easily discover or track your children or employee’s current location for you. Make use of its location tracer option to deploy the same for your employees when they are on official ventures to ensure their safe journey, professional visit, and identify their detours.

  • GPS aided location spying

Alternative OgyMogy Tumblr Spy App (Monitoring App)

Initially, it is essential to jailbreak your targets iOS gadgets & mobile phones or root your android mobile device to monitor the entire Tumblr App on-screen activities. The OgyMogy Tumblr Spy App will allow you to track the entire Tumblr messenger on-screen activities on your target mobile device. With the help of OgyMogy Spy Tool, you can perform the following options:

  • Track their shares and likes on your Tumblr Social media app.
  • URLs and other web links shared on your Tumblr post or wall.
  • Blogs and Followers.
  • Track the multimedia files like Gifs, Images, Videos, and Photos.
  • Direct text messages on Tumblr app.

Working Process

If once you had jailbreak the iOS devices & gadgets or rooted your Android device then you can register for the OgyMogy Mobile Monitoring App. After registration, you will receive an email with your login credentials such as User ID & Passcode to access the online control panel by utilizing this login credentials. Now, you can gain access to your Tumblr Spy App tools.

Make use of the Spy App 2020 Tumblr tool to monitor the entire on-screen activities like instant text messages, other shared multimedia files like Gifs, Images, Videos, and Photos. It also allows watching the overall shared URLs, weblinks, blogs, and followers on your messenger’s post or wall. You can also watch Tumblr social media app’s shares and likes.

You can also find numerous Tumblr Spy Monitoring Tool or Apps available across the online platform. However, it is advisable to go through the App description before downloading the same to your device.

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