If you are searching for simple and easy Steps on How to Configure a Router Setting up a wireless router and configuring a home system doesn’t need to be a time consuming task.

Router configuration can be accomplished in only a couple of easy steps, and this guide shows you the best way to configure a router quickly and easily.

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1) Set up an internet connection:

Assume you have a router you are prepared to begin configuring the router. The initial segment of the procedure includes establishing an Internet connection. To do this, turn off your modem and unplug the modem’s Ethernet link that is connected with your PC. Take that connected cable and connect it to the port named WAN or Internet port on the router you will be configuring.

Once completed, you can power up the modem, and waiting for several minutes, you can power up the recently connected router.

2) Use the IP address to enter router interface:

While a few routers today allow mobile applications to be utilized in the configuring procedure, utilizing your PC is still is the easiest demanding approach to deal with it. To begin configuring the router, you will need to enter your IP address into your browser.

This will bring the switch’s management interface, enabling you to arrange ther outer. If you are considering how to recognize what your IP address, you can just look in the information gave to your router purchase.

3) Easy Setup Option:

When you are into the router interface, your router likely has a simple setup wizard of sorts. This is an incredible way for a novice to quickly and easily set up the router.

4) Go for advanced configure options:

First off, you are going to need to change the default admin password into something that is all the more effectively remembered. This can be easily done in any router interface.

Next, you will likewise need to change the SSID (otherwise called Wireless Network Name in numerous routers) to avoid any confusion from any nearby network systems.

To do this, simply get to the Wireless Network Settings, and change the Wireless Network Name into whatever suits your naming preferences.

5) Final Wireless Setup Considerations:

Last, you can finish the wireless setup process by choosing the 802.11 mode. The default settings are quite often best left untouched, particularly if you are new to what the advanced settings.

After you have finished these basicsteps, which is everything to set up a router that will hopefully give you an extraordinary home network for years to come.

Final words:

That’s all about router configuration , if you need more such stuff you can visit our another site on tips and tricks.

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