Discord is another healthy gaming chat server available across the online platform and will never allow you to experience the disconnection problem from your friends. This program will integrate the system integrated VoIP chatting, a message board, and also chat lobby within this lightweight program. The Discord Top Secret Control panel can assist users in numerous ways. It is specially designed to offer robust community communication across the mobile and computer platforms.

Discord Top Secret Control Panel review

This software becomes more popular due to the widespread addiction of utilizing it for PUBG (Players Unknown Battlegrounds) game. Discord software will allow the users to join the chat poems by browsing & locating the numerous communities or create their customized chat rooms. The players are allowed to join or create a new & unique discord server for secure connection with their team members or friends within the game and take them back to the match. It is also much easier to configure the Discord server.

First, you need to create a Discord account and download the Discord software from its official website and install the same on your device. The users can also utilize the Discord Top secret control panel feature that is available only in the PC version. Make use of the Windows notification bar and just right-click on your Discord software to locate the options. Sometimes, this feature might be disabled and not able to enable or click on it.

Discord Top Secret Control Panel Objectives

The main objective of utilizing the Discord top secret control panel is to modify the settings that are previously disabled. No one is allowed to use it and the discord control panel will provide better communication across the peoples. The Discord Top secret control panel will include similar controls and also the Discord app will serve the purpose of offering the best connection. Since this is a new app; most of the users may experience some complications or issues.

Discord Top Secret Control Panel Feature – Reasons for Disable

You can find numerous suggested reasons from various aspects of disabling the control panel feature. Find below a few lists of reasons for disabling this feature:

  • It might be the developer’s trick for making the players more curious to know the new features or secrets behind it. They need to wait until a new update is released or something new for them.
  • For testing reasons, this feature may be added only to the beta version. The latest version will include the Discord Top Secret control panel feature to use. But a few users reported that they can’t find anything new or different in this option.
  • Only Developers can use the “Enable Mode” for accessing this feature or option due to authority. They can make any modifications or changes within the maintenance & development purposes.

Discord Top Secret Control Panel – Configuring on your PC

You can easily configure the Discord Top secret control panel feature for communicating effectively with your team members during the gameplay. At your fingertips, you can provide commands for completing the assigned tasks or missions. You can gain a real look and amazing things while playing games. There are various YouTube videos in recoding the game with sounds for commanding & communicating with other team members. Some of them will comment or chat for support.

It is possible to create various chat rooms and also much easier to communicate with the team members during the game. First, you need to configure the Discord app on your computer by following the below steps:

  • Open up a web browser and access the Discord official website.
  • You can download the Discord app and install the same on your computer (PC).
  • Create a new Discord account by inputting your personal information.
  • After creating the account, you need to configure the settings on your Discord app.
  • Configure the Discord Top secret control panel features by following the on-screen support and provide the required details.

Once it is done, you can share your unique code with the ream members for inviting them to join the Discord server (dedicated) or chat room. This will assist you to communicate safely and conveniently during the gameplay.

Discord Top Secret Control Panel – Not Working or Accessible

In case if the Discord top secret control panel is not working or accessible then it could be due to various reasons. Some of them are listed below:

  • A chance of providing some weblinks only for marketing the Discord app and nothing is accessible after configuring the Discord control panel. Ensure that you are installing the Discord app with its original version to utilize the feature.
  • For testing purposes, some of the buttons might be available only in the beta version. It may take some time for available within the Discord app in the next update.
  • Some features are allowed to use only by the designers or development for its maintenance purpose and it is not available for you.

The Discord team advises you to wait for some time until the next update is launched. In the near future, you can receive the new updates and rock using the Discord app. 

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