If you are a fan lover of watching or streaming TV shows and movies then this article will guide you a lot to install the Ares wizard download on your device. It is much easier to follow the best procedure to install the Kodi Krypton version (17.1v) of Ares Wizard by generating the PIN number with the help of bit.ly/getbuildpin website. You can install the Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard (it is one of the best parts of Ares project), that allows the users to stream or watch their entire favorite TV shows and movies at free of cost.

With regards to their competitors, the Kodi wizard provides a huge collection of add-ons that assists the users to perform many tasks on their Kodi device. The Ares Wizard is designed and developed to offer a seamless experience for the users to watch or stream TV shows and movies. The most important part is that the users are not required to pay any money and entirely free of cost to use. You can install Ares Wizard 2019 to access the 3rd party programs that are created from the Ares Project.

bit.ly/getbuildpin site

Ares Wizard Features

Find below the list of features offered by Ares Wizard:

Backup – It includes the option to perform a partial or full (entire) Kodi application backup by utilizing the Ares Wizard. In case, if you prefer to get a backup then access the Backup tab and choose your preferred from the available options. It can also be used to restore that you have backed up data.

Easy Maintenance – Depending upon your choice, you can customize the Kodi app by using the Ares Wizard. It allows the user to change appropriate modifications to cache file size which can be reduced in terms of buffering or latency process. You can clear the cache file, temp files, packages, thumbnails, and including unnecessary Kodi data by using the Ares wizard.

Kodi builds – It is also possible to install numerous Kodi builds with the help of Ares Wizard, including Fire TV Guru, Titan, Pulse CCM, and Apollo.

The More Tabs – This tab includes the option to start a fresh build by resetting your Kodi application to its default. It is not required to uninstall the Kodi app and save you a lot of time by resetting the app data. However, even after resetting the app, the Ares Wizard add-ons will not impact any changes.

Test Internet speed – You can test or check your internet connection speed within the Kodi application itself.

Kodi Log File management – It is also possible to upload your Kodi application Log files through the Ares Wizard.

Install Multiple Add-ons – By using the Ares Wizard, you can install various add-ons much easier such as Sportsdevil, Phoenix, SALTS, and Exodus.

Kodi Ares Wizard and bit.ly/getbuildpin

Kodi Ares Wizard is referred to as one among the best and most popular Kodi TV builds that offers a huge collection of high-quality add-ons. It allows the users to watch or stream their favorite video content (TV shows and movies) through the online platform. Ares Wizard, the most popular tool that helps to backup and optimizes the Kodi database free of cost.

It also includes a bundle of pre-packages settings. Well, it works on various devices such as Amazon FireTV stick and also other Android devices. The Ares Wizard has the high-end servers along with best build quality to provide high-quality streaming without any latency or buffering issues. You can follow the below instructions to install the Kodi Krypton 17.1 version of Ares Wizard after getting the PIN number by utilizing the bit.ly/getbuildpin website:

Installation Process – Stage 1

  • First, you need to access the Kodi Krypton application’s System menu and navigate to the System Settings option.
  • From the available list, choose the Add-ons section.
  • Then turn on the option named “Unknown Sources” and press the Yes button.
  • Select the File Manager and choose the Add Source option.
  • From the pop-up window, choose None and input the Ares Repo (Repository) web URL.
  • Then press the Ok button.
  • Input your preferred media source name. For example as Kodi Ares.
  • Return to the Kodi main screen and choose the Add-ons section.
  • Select the Program Add-ons and tap the press icon that is located near the top left-hand screen corner.
  • Choose the option to install the files using the Zip mode. And, then select your preferred source from the available Ares Repo (repository) folder.
  • Select the appropriate Zip file and within a few minutes, it will automatically load the Ares Wizard.
  • Choose the option to install from the repo folder.
  • Select the Ares Wizard within the Program Add-ons and press the Install icon.

Installation Process – Stage 2

  • Navigate to the Kodi menu screen and choose the Ares Wizard within the Program Add-ons section.
  • You will receive a pop-up notification, once the Ares Wizard is enabled to proceed with the installation.
  • Choose the appropriate Kodi version or build while accessing the Ares Wizard.
  • You will be prompted to input the PIN number. It is also possible to browse the ly/getbuildpin website using another device as well.
  • Now, choose the “Pulse Build Krypton”.
  • Tap the install icon.
  • After installation, restart your Kodi application.

By following the above-provided step-by-step procedure to install the Kodi Krypton 17.1 Ares wizard successfully on your Kodi application.

Ares Wizard is not working

Most of the users may experience various problems. Yes, within the Ares Wizard even after installing the application properly on your device. It is essential to start working with the basic troubleshooting steps. If you are experiencing any issues while accessing the Ares Wizard within the Program Add-ons section then you need to try restarting the application. While rebooting the application, the available add-ons will be refreshed and allow the application to start working properly.

It is most important to check the Ares Wizard’s version. If it is not updated to the latest version then you need to update it immediately for seamless use. You have to enable the auto-update feature on your Ares Wizard. In order to avoid the unnecessary issues and also to keep on checking its recent updates. The final troubleshooting step can be to perform an uninstall and clean install of this Kodi add-on.

After successfully install the Kodi 17.1 version Ares Wizard on your Kodi application, then you can utilize the pin number directly by using the bit.ly/getbuildpin website. Now, you can enjoy watching or streaming TV shows and movies without any payment or free of cost. In case, if you are still experiencing any issues then you need to seek assistance from the technical experts to resolve it.

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