On May 16, the 76th Cannes Film Festival, one of the main film events of the year, opened in France. Wes Anderson, Ken Loach, Todd Haynes, and Hirokazu Koreda will present their films in the main program, and the premieres of the fifth part of Indiana Jones and the long-awaited Martin Scorsese thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio will take place outside the competition. 

2023 Cannes Film Festival

In this article you will find out which premieres of this festival definitely should not be missed. Well, while some movies are still unavailable for viewing, you can spend your evening and relax on sic bo online.

Asteroid City

The genius of visual worlds Wes Anderson gets into the main competition for the second time in a row. After being coolly accepted relative to other works by the director of the “French Messenger”, Anderson will present “The City of Asteroids” at Cannes.

From a fictional French town, he transfers the action to a fictional American one. Events will unfold in the middle of the XX century near the crater left after the fall of the asteroid thousands of years ago. The annual city gathering of young stargazers this time will be interrupted by events that will change the world once and for all.

Everything is stable for Wes Anderson – a visually licked picture painted with pastel colors will gather two dozen dazzling stars under its roof. The director’s favorites – Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Adrian Brody, Jeffrey Wright, Willem Dafoe, Tony Revolori – will appear in the same frame with newcomers like Scarlett Johansson, Tom Hanks, Margot Robbie, and Liev Schreiber. For the first time since Anderson’s debut film (“Bottle Rocket”, 1995), the main regulator of his works, Bill Murray, did not get into the cast.

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The Zone of Interest

Skin” (2013) starring Scarlett Johansson was a revelation: some film critics even recognized it as one of the best films of the 2010s.

Ten years later, Glazer returns with his fourth full–length film, the Holocaust drama “Zone of Interest” – the only picture that got into the main competition by a unanimous decision of the selection committee.

The main character of the “Zone of Interest”, based on the novel of the same name by the English writer Martin Amis, will be the commandant of Auschwitz Rudolf Hesse. Together with his wife, he settles in a house with a beautiful garden next to the camp, but the sweet life of a criminal is destroyed when another criminal appears in it – a Nazi officer who falls in love with Hesse’s wife. An accidental witness in this novel becomes one of the prisoners of Auschwitz.


Despite her youth, the 40-year–old director Alice Rohrwacher has already twice won the Cannes Film Festival for the films “Miracles” (2014) and “Happy Lazarus” (2018) – and in 2023 her short film “The Apprentices” was nominated for an Oscar. That’s why her new film is expected in the main competition no less than the work of other venerable directors.

“Chimera” is a crime drama set in the Italian province in 1980. A young English archaeologist, Arthur, along with his colleagues, becomes a tomb raider in search of an artifact linking him to the beloved woman he lost.

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May, December

In English, the idiom “May-December” is used when it comes to a couple’s relationship with a big age difference. 

The plot centers on a married couple in which Gracie’s wife is two decades older than Joe’s husband. Gracie was once Joe’s teacher, and now they are raising twins together. Their union comes to the attention of filmmakers who dream of putting their lives on the big screen. To prepare for the role, an actress comes to the couple, who will bring chaos to their happy and measured family life.

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