The Brother AE1700 model is one of the traditional and basic sewing machines that are well-suited with numerous qualities to sewing. This is a perfect sewing machine with various basics covered with automatic bobbin winder, a four-step buttonhole, and 17 different types of stitches. It also includes presser feet and multiple accessories added to the box. A twin needle feature is added to allow more creative & decorative stitches with numerous ranges of fabrics.

As per the Brother AE1700 review you can take a closer look with multiple features offered by this sewing machine. This is one of the best and most popular sewing machines that you can look for. The Brother AE1700 LS14 will offer the best mix of affordability and quality to receive the best customer feedback.

Brother sewing machine

Brother AE1700 Key Features

Find below the list of key features offered by the Brother AE1700 Sewing machine for your reference:


This sewing machine includes the standard accessories that come with most machines. It also includes a darning plate with the package. Since the Brother AE1700 sewing machine is not used for feeding the dogs or free motion sewing. The darning plate included in the box will provide the free-motion sewing motion and more versatility for using this versatile machine.

  • Instructional DVD & Instruction Guide or User Manual
  • Screw Driver disc
  • Spare Bobbins
  • Set of needles
  • Darning plate


The Brother AE1700 sewing machine will weigh around 6.6 kg and not an ideal choice for regular training the sewing classes. This is one of the good indicators to utilize the well-built sewing machine. Also, it is not a cheaper sewing machine created using plastic components.

Needle Threading

The Brother AE1700 sewing machine will not offer the capability of automatic needle threading. This feature should be utilized only for the most expensive sewing machines. The AE1700 sewing machine can perform the simple tasks of threading & rethreading. If you are struggling for threading then you can refer to the various YouTube videos for threading this sewing machine.

Presser Foot

If you prefer to purchase the Brother AE1700 product then it includes four numbers of the presser foot. It is specially geared for making designer clothes and also an ideal choice for any budding fashionist or beginners. This quite versatile machine is well-suited for home furnishings and also similar to other sewing projects.

  • Button Sewing foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Zigzag foot

Bobbin System

If you prefer to utilize the bobbins then it is advisable to use the leading or top-most bobbin for dropping. This sewing machine will offer the best drop-in bobbin to use. It is not a big deal and essential to utilize personal preference. This machine features with positive feedback of using the automatic bobbin winder. It is a real-time saver and helps to wind the bobbin manually.

Speed and Stitch Quality

Brother Sewing machines are most popular across the online marketplace, especially for its stitching quality. It has a good reputation within the customers because of their overlockers and outstanding stitching quality. The maximum stitching speed of the Brother AE1700 sewing machine is 1000 spm. This is more sufficient and a good amount of speed for anyone to start the sewing work.


The Brother AE1700 sewing machine will utilize the 51-watt motor. When compared with the Singer 1507 sewing machine (that comes with an 85-watt motor), it has a noticeable difference in power. This sewing machine will not experience any issues by sewing using the various layers. Brother brand is well-known and popular for its efficient and high-quality motors. It may be less powerful in Wattage but they are very much capable to perform the assigned job or sewing projects.

Buttonholes & Stitches

When compared with the other similar pricing sewing machines, the Brother AE1700 sewing machine will offer the best selection of stitches. You can refer to this instruction manual to know the available list of 17 different stitches. In case if you prefer to work on more stitching styles or designs then you could purchase the Brother AE2500 sewing machine that includes 25 different stitches and just a little bit expensive than the AE1700 sewing machine. The four-step buttonhole is added to this product for offering the button sewing foot. This is an ideal choice for preparing or designing various clothing items or dressmaking purposes.

Easier to Use

The Brother Sewing Machines are most targeted only the beginners. Without any surprise, the Brother AE1700 sewing machine is specially designed for easier use. The automatic bobbin winder feature is another most important and newbie-friendly options to save your time for manually wind the bobbin. This basis and mechanical sewing machine are very simple to use by nature.

For example, you can’t find an LCD screen similar to a computerized or digitalized sewing machine. With the perspective from beginners, the LCD screen could be a positive approach to work on various overwhelming functions to start learning to sew. In case if you are new to the sewing world then the Brother AE1700 sewing machine is the best choice to continue and grow as you progress.

Reason to purchase Brother AE1700 Sewing Machine

Brother AE1700 Sewing machine is one of the most popular brands that are well-known for their average domestic environment business for over 100 years. Its specially designed sewing machines are created with innovative to offer the best values for producing domestic and practical sewing machines.

They improve the continued creativity for launching the all-levels and better-equipped sewing machines that can fulfill your requirements. If you are a master sewer or a beginner then this is an ideal choice to use the Brother sewing machine.


  • It includes User manual or Instructional DVD
  • Tension adjuster with the top thread
  • It also offers zipper, button sewing, buttonhole, and zigzag feet
  • Numerous accessories are added
  • Clear cover with drop-in bobbin
  • Automatic bobbin winder


  • Automatic threading is not included
  • 50-watt motor is not suitable to perform heavy-duty projects


The Brother AE1700 sewing machine is one of the best and good choices to invest by the beginners. This versatile machine will offer a decent amount of stitches along with various sewing projects. The assured quality and affordable pricing are other positives to purchase this sewing machine.

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