Apple is known for manufacturing products that march ahead of their competitors in terms of appearance and performance by miles. The iPhone lineup follows a similar course. Ever since Steve Jobs launched the first-ever iPhone in 2007, the demand and popularity of the feature-packed devices have significantly enhanced. As per an article by Gadgets Now, there are multiple reasons and factors why millions of people all around the globe prefer using iPhones over other popular Android smartphones. For starters, iPhones offer a safer and more secure experience than smartphones running on other operating systems like Android. Secondly, iPhones offer users a clean and sophisticated experience, i.e., Apple smartphones do not feature any bloatware or ads.

Another major reason people love purchasing iPhones is the powerful and featured-packed operating systems they run on. iOS offers tons of top-tier features and functionalities, each of which facilitates users to easily perform even the most complex tasks. Whether iPhone users wish to consume content, play graphics-intensive games, or connect with other individuals via call or text, iOS’s top-notch optimization makes performing every task a smooth and seamless experience. Even though iOS offers tons of features and capabilities, most iPhone users are oblivious to them. Hence, to ensure users use their iPhones to the best of their capabilities, this article will list numerous iPhone hacks that can truly enhance their user experience. Let us dive right into it:

  • Replace Default Applications With Third-Party Ones

Besides being super-optimized, iOS is known for offering top-tier features and functionalities, which include native utilities like the Messages app, the Safari browser, the Mail app, and many more. Even though each of the native utilities is capable of performing their designated tasks exceptionally, some users may not like some of their aspects or features. Hence, iOS allows users to switch to a third-party application instead of using the default ones for certain tasks. For example, there are tons of individuals who prefer using Google Chrome over the native Safari browser. All they need to do to set Google Chrome as their default browser is open the Settings app on their iPhone, scroll down to find the browser app, tap on it, and set the preferred application as the default one. Once the third-party app has been set as the default browser, it will open automatically whenever the user clicks on a URL.

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  • Record the iPhone’s Screen

Screen recording is a powerful capability that iOS offers a native capability to users. It is a highly useful technique that facilitates users to capture all the activities they are performing on their iPhones. Users can easily share the recorded footage and share it with other individuals. If you are an iOS user and are wondering how to screen record on iPhone, one of the easiest ways of getting the job done is clicking navigating to the Control Center by swiping down from the upper-right corner of your screen and clicking on the icon resembling the recording sign to start the session. Besides this, if you wish to access more advanced features, you can download a third-party screen-recording app from the App Store. There are tons of free and paid recorders readily available in the store, and thus, you can choose the right one for yourself by browsing through each one.

  • Hide Applications

Even though iOS’s home screen is designed to look appealing thanks to the presence of beautiful app icons and widgets, users may find it cluttered if there are too many app icons present on the screen. Thankfully, iOS offers numerous solutions to users for keeping their iPhone’s home screen clutter-free, out of which the most popular one is the option to hide app icons. To do so, all the user needs to do is press and hold the application they wish to hide from the home screen, tap on the “Remove app” option present in the pop-up menu, and select the “Move to Library” option. Doing so will remove the app icon from the home screen and send it to the App Library. Besides using the option to make their home screen look cleaner, users can also use the feature to enhance their iPhone’s security.

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  • Measure the Dimensions of Real Objects

The native “Measure” utility featured in iOS is a solid application using which iPhone users can easily measure the dimensions of any real object. All the user needs to do to measure an object’s dimensions is open the app and move their iPhone over the object they wish to measure to start the process of calculating its dimensions. The app uses AR capabilities to gauge an object’s size and dimensions precisely. The app works exceptionally on iPhones featuring the LiDAR scanner.

If you use an iPhone user and wish to augment your user experience, follow the aforementioned tricks to have a truly enhanced experience.

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