Books are one of the best comrades in the long run of life and believe or not it is going to be perennial mate. How many books do you read in a week? The habit of reading books is one such habit which outdoes other things and that is obviously for your good. Many surveys have done on reading habit and Finland is topping the list. But there are many ways with the help of that you can build your reading habit and eBooks can be starting of that. You can download multiple eBooks even if you do not have a kindle and get indulged yourself into the reading habit. A number of eBook alternatives of Bookzz can become your option to read and whenever you find the time. Always excuse yourself for reading. Here is the list.

Best Alternatives of bookzz

1. Bibliomania

For bibliomania, the app has been created so that reading could become a convenient source. Here, along with good books, classical text is available more than 2000. From biographies to book notes, study guides and reference book and everything is an easy catch. Well, it is also said to be the best alternative of Bookzz.

2. Gutenberg

It is another famous website which also offers a variety of things.  Many even use this site to collect some academic work but this is one of the best alternatives for reading alternatives of books.

3. Scribd

This website does not need much introduction. In the field of books, this one has secured its place. It has unlimited access to the world of books and both android and iOS can use it. The collection of books here is around about 500,000 books. Nine hundred publishers rest in the library of Scribd.

4. Chunky

The name might sound funny and it has actually a way better option to read books. Rarely people read books but if you read books, it surely has the power to change your life forever. We have seen Shakespeare, Keats, Milton how avid readers were they. And the world today knows him and we today read them. That is the difference a book can do into anyone’s life. On Chunky, you get DRM free comics. It has a feature of supporting CBZ, CBR and PDF comics.  There is way a lot to read here, to collect from here.

5. ComiCat

Now maybe you are hearing about this reading website for the first time. But indeed, it is one of kind and for so many reasons it is liked by bibliophiles. It is one of rare customized book site where you can literally mark your reading by using different colours. Highlight your lines, copy them and many more things. Also, it has a cloud storage option and settings. Besides a good collection of books, you could enjoy a virtual environment for reading.

6. ManyBooks

Are you a classic lover or want to discover more? Like the name is given ManyBooks would load you with numbers of books which you can read or collect. Best deal here is the collection of books. All the genres of the books are available and it also benefits you. You will be benefitted with convenience such as numbers of options to download in any format. Books have also arranged in such a way that anyone could find it out way easily.

7. Authorama

It has the easiest reading format. Many might have not heard about it but it has so much convenience. It has a good collection of books and of all genres. Actually, books are way better company than anyone could ask for. Reading a book is in fact, an enjoyable thing and one of the best things.

8. Any books

If you read books, this one would definitely be in your mind. So many things have proved that there cannot be anything best than books. Any books have all types of books, a big collection of books into its library. You can read those books and you could even keep that safe. All the books of contemporary, modern are easy ones to find out here. You could definitely enjoy your reading here. Well, this could be the best bookzz alternative site.

9. Open Library

If your companion has always been a book then you must also give a try to the books. Open Library is one of the most wonderful libraries today. If you are about to read any books then this one can give you cutthroat competition and challenge to read and acquire knowledge. You can collect books from here and surely could read books from there and said to be the best alternatives of bookzz.

10. International Children’s Digital Library

Children are the future of the world and how wonderful it would be if they all get to indulge in reading books. We all must teach them the benefits of reading books and how this changes life. If you read books, it is sure that you will not have to look back ever in life. In fact, it will strengthen you at every step. This website is full of children and all age groups books. But according to age books will be accessible. With time, this book library keeps itself updated and best alternative of bookzz


These are the top ten websites and alternative of eBooks and there are paid ones too available. Books are always a free platform where all age group can read and enjoy. We are living in a digital world so these websites will be the most beneficial way to make your time productive and day worthy, even if you are into the process of building a habit for reading. Teach yourself patience and teach to read. It will be the most expensive gift you could have for yourself. Paid and unpaid, both are worth your time. The unique thing about these books are they all are designed in such a way so that even if you flip your pages on phone. You could feel the essence of reading and get friendly with the world more. Someone has said, travel and if you cannot then read as much as you can. It is a habit which you choose in bettering yourself. So enjoy your alternative bookzz and discover more genres.

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