Skype is among those platforms that fulfill the need for business to the extent that no other platform can do. We all know that Skype is the platform we use for a very long time for video purposes. It helps people to connect globally without any hassle. Every time, whenever there is an update available for Skype old version of people gets tensed and unfortunately they need to do the same.

There is no any such problem arise with Skype old version but the main thing available with it are the features and interface available.

Skype old version usage

Recently, there is an upgraded version for Skype, which lets users feel disappointed, and there are so many people who are not liking it and looking forward to the methods to get back to the previous version they were using.

If you are also looking forward to getting available with Skype old version, you are on the right page. Here we will discuss the steps you need to follow so that you can get back to the old version easily.

Features of Skype old version

There are so many features available in the old version of Skype. These are as follows:-

  • The interface of the older version is quite smooth as compared to the present version.
  • People become habitual because of all the features that were available in the predecessor of that one.
  • The present version lacks at some moments and does not allow a user to have a smoother video call.
  • It does not allow a user to share the content effectively. In the older version, the option was available, and a user can share the content easily.

How to get back to Skype old version?

When you are looking forward to the methods to go back to Skype’s old version, you will find out so many sides that offer you a direct link for the same. There might be a chance that those links are working, and some of them are broken as well. Hence for the same, you need to check out different portals available allowing you to get available with a downloading link of all the versions. The portal available with all the links allows you to download it easily. You just need to click on download and within no time it will get available in your device. Make sure you are choosing the version which is compatible and allow you to have access all the features you require.

Also, whenever you are moving forward to Skype old version, you need to understand that you are uninstalling the new version from your device. If the new version is already installed, then you will not be able to install the old version at all.

Why are people looking forward to using Skype old version?

They might be a chance that you are thinking about why people are looking forward to using the old version of Skype. If you have the same question in your mind, then the answer for the same as the interface is available in it. The interface available in the older version of Skype is user-friendly, and there is no need for a user to worry about anything. Microsoft always comes up with certain updates that do not let a user feel satisfied. But due to pressure or due to the unavailability of resources, users need to get habitual of the version available. The interface available lets a user feel disappointed sometime, and at that moment, they want to get back to the previous version they were using.

This is a basic reason why people look forward to the older version of it. Moreover, it hit in the category of those who are satisfied with the older version of Skype and do not like the new version, then go through the online portal and get available with direct links.

Within no time, you will have an idea about the version you wish to download. You just need to go through the configuration of the version available to easily understand whether it is compatible with your device. It is also a suggestion that does not forget to check out the active internet connection with has stability as well. If a stable internet connection is not there, then you will not be able to download it at all.


Skype allows users to share the screen as well. This makes it efficient for users to discuss things effectively and get to the conclusion. If you wish to know something more about it, then do let us know in the comment section below. We will help you get a clear answer about it so that you can get to the Skype old version easily available in your device. Also, if you wish to share any additional information about it, mention the same as well.

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