Money Heist Season is also referred to as the House of Paper, another best Spanish TV series directed by Alex Pina. The Money Heist Season 1 includes two different parts and telecasted in Antenna 3 (Spanish Network) on 2nd May 2017. This TV series will showcase the Heists on the Bank of Spain and Royal Mint of Spain with the code-named group as Robbers. They generally battle with police (outside of Spain) and the hostages (inside of Spain). The Money Heist Season 4 hosted a total of 31 episodes along with Season 2 as on 3rd April 2020.

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In 2017, the global streaming rights of the Money Heist TV series along with its 15 original episodes are acquired by Netflix. Moreover in 2018, the series was officially renewed by Netflix to premiere the same on 19th July 2019. Also, the Money Heist Season 4 release date is rumored as 3rd April 2020. The documentary that involves the cast and producers will premiere on Netflix was named Money Heist: The Phenomenon.

Money Heist Season 4 Cast Members

Find below the list of Money Heist Season 4 Cast members for your reference:

Jose Manuel Poga – Gandi & Alicia (Inspectors)

Luke Peros – Marsella

Rodrigo de la Serna – Palermo

Hovik Keuchkerian – Bogota

Ester Acebo – Stockholm or Monica

Itziar Ituno – Lisbon or Raquel

Darko Peric – Helsinki

Alba Flores – Nairobi

Jaime Lorente Lopez – Denver

Ursula Corbero – Tokio

Alvaro Morte – The Salva Martin (Salvador or the Professor)

Money Heist Season 4 Trailer

The Money Heist Season 4 Trailer was very much intense and also teeming with revelations. The return of Berlin is another most tantalizing story. During the Money Heist Season 3, the flashback will appear that Berlin, the Professor, and Palermo had planned for robbery in the Bank of Spain. However, the Money Heist Season 4 will confuse the on-going things and as well as the appearance of Berlin. This new season’s anticipation will be built the show and the trailer on Instagram. It is also hacked by Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri, the Inspector).

She was introduced in Money Heist Season 3 and will offer a heartbreaking proposition for Lisbon in the new season 4 to lose the family or even sell out the Professor. The account was briefly censored by Alicia (as per the Money Heist Season 4 Review or feedback), that the account not yet restored with a resistance message. The Professor warned not to fool the fans and discredit the group of police’s failed campaign by calling them out.

Money Heist Season 4 Release Date

The House of Paper or Money Heist Season 4 release date is planned to be 3rd April 2020. The earlier seasons with a similar pattern of release date are followed from Season 1 on 9th May 2017 and Season 2 on 16th October 2017. Season 3 was released on 19th July 2019 and within a year the new episode is planned to launch. However, you need to wait for a few more updates.

As per the Deadline, the Money Heist Season 4 will launch the documentary on the international phenomenon of its TV series through Netflix. Moreover, little information on the documentary was launched by the team. The Fotogramas, the Spanish film magazine will include the documentary with some testimonies that are created by the cast members, partners, and the producer Alex Pina.

Money Heist Season 4 Episodes Lists

Find below the Money Heist Season 4 Episodes Lists for your reference:

Episode 1 – Game Over

This is one of the most important Money Heist Season 4 episodes and also popular across the viewers. The grief heightens tensions and anger within the group members. During the remembrance, the Professor will make the attempts of daring and also dangerous escape.

Episode 2 – The Berlin Wedding

Palermo with his actions, the group was shocked and taken a deal with the subject pressured by Sierra. The brother’s wedding was remembered by the Professor.

Episode 3 – Anatomy Lesson

The Professor’s secret agent will try to share the message with the person who is placed near the tent. The Denver’s jealousy heightens towards the friendship of Rio and Monica.

Episode 4 – Sighs of Spain

Earlier, Berlin predicted that the operation problems are caused by Gandia. The personal revelation was led by the interrogation of Sierra’s Lisboa.

Episode 5 – 5 Minutes Before

Denver is another undercover source to assist others. The team was motivated by Nairobi to intensify with the danger around.

Episode 6 – Technical KO

The crew negotiates with Gandia while hostage the Nairobi. A new plan was discovered by the Professor for saving this team.

Episode 7 – Tear down the Tent

The group reel needs to follow the attack on its own. The adjusted plan is implemented by the Professor with the assistance of Palermo and new recruits.

Episode 8 – Paris Plan

The Benjamin, Professor, and his team will try to free Lisbon. The anger of Tokyo can threaten the plan’s faith. Sierra needs to take control of her hands.

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