Queen Season 2 is one of the most popular and best historical drama web TV series that describes the political life of Shakthi Sheshadri (Ramya Krishnan’s role). It aired on MX Player; the series was directed by Gautham Menon and Prasath Murugesan. It was written by Reshma Ghatala, and produced by Ace2three and FanFight. The cast of the show consists of Ramya Krishnan as Shakthi Seshadri, Anikha as the young Shakthi Seshadri, Anjana Jayaprakash as the vicenarian Shakthi Seshadri, Indrajith Sukumaran as GMR, Vamsi Krishna as Chaitanya Reddy.

Queen 2 release date

Sonia Aggarwal as Renganayaki, young Shakthi ‘s mother. Sruthy Jayan played the role of Malar, Director Sridhar by Gautham Menon, Lilette Dubey (Interviewer), Chramila (Shakthi’s Grandmother), Viji Chandrasekhar (Suriyakala), Vanitha Krishnachandran (GMR’s Wife), and Tulasi (Shakthi’s mother).

We got a first look at the poster early September 2019 depicting Ramya Krishnan’s character addressing cadres at a political rally. The Queen Season 1 was released or aired 14th December 2019 with 11 episodes. The reviews of the show are looking good as many reviewers suggest the audience to watch it. Those who have done it already want more and are wondering will they be getting a second season of the show.

Queen Season 2 Release Date

Ramya Krishnan played the vital role of Shakthi Seshadri, the sought-after heroine & a school topper entered into the political field. The Shakthi’s young role was played by Yennai Arindhaal & Viswasam fame, Anikha and the middle-age (age 18 – 30) role was played by Anjana Jayaprakash. Moreover, the Queen web series will create a lot of noise before reaching the screen or floors.

Most of the reports informed that the Queen web series is based on J Jayalalithaa, Tamil Nadu’s former Chief Minister Life. The Queen Season 2 release date will be 14th December to launch on MX Player. Before the launch or release of Queen web series Tamil, both Ramya Krishnan & Gautham Vasudev Menon updated the process and all-about the Queen series.

Queen Season 2

Queen Season 2 Ramya Krishnan is set to play the vital role of J Jayalalithaa (late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister). The trailer of the Queen series Tamil is dropped due to the former CM J Jayalalithaa’s death anniversary on Thursday over the internet. The series is helmed by ace filmmaker Gautham Menon and Prasath Murugesan. This is Menon’s first project for an OTT platform. The trailer opens with the introduction of Ramya’s character Shakthi Seshadri as a ‘fearless leader’. The Queen web series includes a total of 11 episodes and played an important role in the web series.

Shakthi dreams of pursuing law but lands up in the murky world of cinema. She was quite keen on joining college. She wanted to study, but she couldn’t do what she aimed for. We get Gautham Menon himself in the role of a veteran director who Shakthi looked up to. Despite her unwillingness to act, offers poured in. Shakthi soon pairs up with her favorite icon GMR, a collaboration that catapulted her to superstardom. Though Shakthi had an aversion towards the film industry, the only reason she plunged into it, is her mother.

The rest of the episodes show the ups and downs in Shakthi’s relationship with GMR and how their lives entwine. Anjana Jayaprakash excels in those portions. Her expressive eyes and restrained acting is a huge plus. GMR and Shakthi became the most popular pair of time. While the former was in the fifties, the later was in the twenties. GMR had an unusual attachment to Shakthi. She, too, had a soft corner for GMR.

Queen Web Series Tamil – Important Facts

She hoped for a future with GMR, who was already a married man. GMR gave her his undivided attention, though he dominated her. Soon, GMR becomes everything for Shakthi: father, mother, friend, philosopher, and guide. Shakthi realizes she’s a caged bird as GMR didn’t let her work with other heroes in the movies, but he continued to act with others. Indrajith Sukumaran kills the role. GMR is a three-letter enigma. His life was filled with mystery as much as Shakthi’s.

The main protagonist, Ramya Krishnan, comes around the eighth episode. We get a convincing portrayal of Shakthi Seshadri, who is alternating in her comfort and discomfort, security and insecurity about where she is in her life. Each stride seemed to make Shakthi a remarkably fearless person. Shakthi looks for the love she was supposed to receive from her parents in everybody, and this makes her life tempestuous. From a headstrong being, Shakthi turns into a puppet in the hands of GMR. Also, we are shown her relationship with a Telugu director (played by Vamsi).

Shakthi joins the political party of GMR, which ruffled many feathers. Queen shows how Shakthi’s early years were dominated by her mother Ranganayaki, and later, by GMR. Shakthi didn’t have a life of her own. Though she’s fearless and independent, she lived under their shadow. All her life, Shakthi has been a fighter, and Queen highlights this aspect. Overall, Gautham Menon and Prasath Murugesan tastefully present a tale of a woman who never gives up. Shakthi finds herself in the constant struggle—trying to be herself yet finding the approval of acceptance from others. Like Gautham Menon said in an interview with us, Queen is a work that many women will identify with.

Queen works well as a web series. The suspense at the end of each episode keeps you invested in the characters. The actors are superb, the detailing is layered and great, and the chemistry so natural that it doesn’t hinder the proceedings. The web series is largely riveting, and the craft is as unobtrusive as possible. Perhaps the most startling scene is where we are shown the funeral procession of GMR and the happenings that unfold. Witness some nuanced acting by Ramya Krishnan.

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