Studying online is a new trend, and there are no doubt students adapting it to the core. Earlier, they were dependent on LitAnswers, but recently LitAnswers not working problem arises, and at that moment, they look forward to some other alternatives out there. If you are also dependent on LitAnswers for getting all your answers, there is nothing for you to worry about.

Fix LitAnswers not working

Here we will be going to present a curated list of alternatives like LitAnswers, which you can consider when LitAnswers not working issue arises. Stay tuned with us till the last in the article so that there will be nothing that can trouble you when it is about studying your favourite subject.


Sparknotes is one of the most popular platforms out there for all high school learners. It allows the individuals to solve queries accurately, and in every domain, users can get the results. This platform is sufficient for catering to all the needs of an academic career, and courses for competitive exams are also available, which saves an abundance of money that students invest on offline courses. After getting these online courses, we can prepare for competitive exams including SAT, ACT and GRE seamlessly.


Unacademy is also the largest online platform for study material out there. The best part is it has a specialized module available for all the courses along with different competitive examinations. Additionally, for all those who are not fluent in English, they can choose the course in their native language. A YouTube channel is also there of unacademy where individuals can get free lessons on different important topics without even paying a single penny. All the syllabus will be covered in the course available on the portal. A student just needs to pay attention to what the thing happening so that they can understand about each and every factor and preparing for exams will be easy for you. Whenever the LitAnswers not working issue arises, unacademy can cater to all your needs.

Crazy for study

Crazy for study is the backbone for all the students who are dependent on online platforms to study. It has unique content available, and individuals can get answers for their favourite subjects of the subjects for which you can get answers include engineering, math, physics, computer science, and history. Some different books are also available on the website, which helps individuals to have the best content available for learning.

Paper help

Paper help has the same interface as LitAnswers along with some additional features. The writing research paper feature is also included for all those who are into it. Chances are there, you will not receive all the answers for queries, but when it is about finding the desired solutions of the topic to write the research paper, this will going to help you out. It is also available in applications for Android and iOS devices. If you have no PC available, getting the app will help you.


Shmoop also fits in the category of alternative for LitAnswers because it is dedicatedly working on all the assessments, and students who are preparing for competitive exams will hit at the top. Guaranteed study material and summaries are available by all the Ph.D. holders so that students can rely on the answers.

Course Hero

Course hero is also going out in the recent days when LitAnswers not working issue arises. It comes up with 30 million course-specific study resources, which allow individuals to get the answers to their queries. The interface of the portal is quite simple to use. For every topic step by step, the explanation is available so that individuals can make their learning duration more comfortable.

Book Rags

Book rags also occupied the place in a great alternative to LitAnswers not working issue. It provides the Book summary so that students can get and answers easily. 8000 plus study guides along with some bios and descriptions are available so that students can get answers effortlessly without wasting their time.


When we are talking about the alternative software, we cannot forget to check Chegg. It is the storehouse of knowledge, and for all the teachers and students, this is the portal to interact. The interface is quite easy to understand, and individuals can post about their queries and get the answers in a while. Direct answers are also available for all the questions. Individuals just need to browse through the content available. Also, if the answers are not there, experts are always available to help.


Studlib is a platform for all those students who don’t want to interact in some tricky portals. It comes up with a user-friendly interface and provides solutions for all the assessments. The major subjects on which it focuses include Business Finance, math, science, history, and some other options. Students can share their notes with friends and family if required.


Slader is the biggest portal out there and a useful one whenever LitAnswers not working issue arises. It comes up with a huge database which is highly essential for users out there. The interface may appear to be quite different as compared to other photos but it is the hub for knowledge. You just need to be on the portal and start browsing to get the answers.


Do I need to pay to get answers?

The particular amount a student needs to pay as a subscription for having the services available.

Can I get answers for free?

It totally depends on the portal whether they are offering a trial version or not. If the trial version is available, you can get the answers for free.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

This is totally on the user whether they want to keep the subscription or want to cancel it. Both the options are available. It is totally up to the user for how long they want to use it.

So finally, there is nothing for you to worry about when the LitAnswers not working problem arises. All the above-mentioned alternatives are sufficient for catering to all your needs. Be ready to get answers and engage in studies seamlessly!

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